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El Amor De Abuelo Palmdale, California

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Each session comes with a story of moments captured in just a few frames. As photographers, we are inspired by the stories we are able to tell with our camera. Those short moments turn into a lifetime of memories in single still shots. This session was definitely one of those memorable stories.

I invited Andres' mom, Karen, to come to our studio to discuss her vision for his 12-month milestone. We instantly clicked and started sharing our interest for providing more community opportunities for others in the Antelope Valley. We got so carried away in conversation that I almost forgot to discuss her ideas and outfits for Andres' session.. haha, we did get to it, eventually!

The day of our session, Karen brought some props and outfits of her own to include in Andres' photos. One special item included in her goodies was a blue striped teddy bear. She explained that they had taken her late Abuelo's t-shirt and turned it into a teddy bear for her baby boy, who shared his Abuelo's name. The special connection between Andres and that teddy bear was such a joy to witness. The love of his grandfather was wrapped in this teddy bear and loved by Andres.

Take a look below!

- Christina Avalos


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