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Bebe & Miguelito Santa Clarita, California

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

When I first started in-studio photography, I had just given birth to my 3rd baby and was very new to the game. I had purchased a Neewer lighting set from Amazon.. yes, one of those cheapie ones.. lol.. and started taking photos out of my bedroom. My husband and I cleared out the room and would set up our backdrop stand, lights and invite guests into our home for their sessions. Fast forward almost 8 years later and Mylah Moments has grown so much. We even acquired a studio of our own!

Our first session in our new studio was with Bebe and Miguel. Bebe had contacted me looking to get something in the books for her and her honey. She explained that Miguel had encouraged her to schedule a session to capture their final pregnancy. Bebe made sure to let me know that she thought traditional posing was corny, but was open to what ever ideas we had. I cannot lie, I was extremely excited, and determined, to WOW her. Lucky for me, I did not disappoint.

P.s.. we definitely did some corny poses, but they turned out amazing!!

Check out their photos and reaction below!


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