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12-month Milestone with Mommy & Me Palmdale, California

Being a mommy is one of the greatest blessings in life we are awarded. Our natural love for our little ones immediately shifts our focus to nurturing that love and providing unforgettable moments as they grow. Their first year of life is full of wonder and so many different milestones!

One significant milestone we often capture is baby's 12-month milestone. This moment in baby's life is such a major step into their development, and flies in the blink of an eye! Because of how fast these moments pass us by, this beautiful mama and her main man provided us the privilege of capturing their bond and creating timeless heirlooms for them to remember. This mama was so sweet and definitely made us love each still moment we were able to create with her and baby.

Ordering Appointment

Check out this mama seeing her gallery for the first time! She was so happy with how they turned out she decided to order our 10x10 Album with (2) 16x20 Canvases. Her prints came out absolutely beautiful!

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